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Please, Need major help!!! Toshiba DW65X91

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Hi I own a Toshiba DW65X91 with a built in RCA DC-210 tuner, I need a software upgrade since I'm having alot "bugs" that are fixed with the latest vesion. And I'm on the original 40b.

The problem is I'm getting major "run around" from Toshiba, RCA, and DirectTV. They are all saying "call them we don't do that"

I got a number here on AVS for a Lisa from Thomsen(RCA) about a Paddle Upgrade I talked to them about 6 weeks ago and they said they'd look into it and call me back. I called them back today and they said they don't do it call Toshiba.

I called Toshiba they said it's not an American Toshiba model and they can't do anything.

DirectTv said they no longer do upgrades over the air for that model and I need to call RCA. :confused:

I'm ticked because I don't have the larest software version, every 30 min I get a black flash while on the component cables, and ESPNHD audio is horrible.

It's still under warranty but I bought it online from a Wholesaler and not sure if they were a "licesnsed" Toshiba dealer anymore. I got a really good deal on it and everything else is wonderful but I NEED that upgrade.

Any suggestions?

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Do you know anyone who could help or anywhere I could look?

This is the only HD site I know of,

The paddle upgrade was/is, only for the RCA DTC-100 HD receiver, as far as I know.

And if it's a non authorized "American Toshiba model" as you say. I can't even guess at how this is going to be fixed for you.

What kind of warranty did the place that sold it to you, give you on the set?

As they may be the ones to call about this. Because if it's not a authorized model, you probably have no factory Toshiba warranty at all on the set.
Yeah you're right it is a DTC-100 I don't know why i was think 210?

But I contacted the distributor and they said It is an American Model and the proof to Toshiba is that it has DirectTv sat reciever built-in. But I should contact RCA about the software upgrade.

If you have any ideas of how I can get this done please help me,

not to sound too much like Princess Lea but "your my only hope"
The best I can tell you, is that you will have to bring it to a RCA service, AFTER they set up a appointment for you to do so. As they don't do service calls for the "paddle upgrade".

If it is indeed a RCA DTC-100 tuner that's built in, it's then a RCA issue, and not a Toshiba issue.

So what they told you about that, is indeed true.

So I guess your only real hope, is to keep "on" RCA, until they finally agree to do the "paddle upgrade" for you.

And yes, "Lisa" at 1-877-722-4388, is the only one that I'm aware of, that handles all the "paddle upgrades" for RCA/Thomson.

If she can't help or give you more information on what you need to do, I don't really know who can.
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Hey Thanks Johnla I'll do that,

I call them everyday...lol until they help me, I hope they don't charge me with harrassament.:D

The guy I talked to said Lisa doesn't handle paddle upgrades anymore but than he contradicted himself later and said he'd give my information to Lisa...lol

But I'll keep on them,

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