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I need an amp to run a Bass X W-10 in wall powered sub and my rear center surround speaker. This will need to work with an Onkyo HT-RC270 receiver. I am wayyyyyy over my head now that I need an amp, and want to spend as little as possible to properly power this sub and the rear center channel.

Sub can be found here so you guys with all the knowledge have an idea of how much power I need:


I saw the Onkyo M-282, but would prefer to spend less. If I could get into something under $150, that would be ideal. My brain is melting from this.

Should I just be using another receiver to do this? How would I set it up? Should I be checking eBay?

I found an Onkyo 5140 and 5150 both on eBay, but not sure if they'd be sufficient.

Feel free to send me links, check craigslist in my area (Minneapolis) possibly?

I appreciate the help - after buying a TV and choosing a new receiver, I'm overwhelmed.

Some more info:

The way I've got it figured, the HT receiver (not purchased yet, so I'm open to suggestions) will drive 5 of the 6 surround speakers PLUS 2 adjacent speakers I've got over a bar as "zone 2." The Amp would push the subwoofer and the rear center.

My current Denon receiver has A/B switching, which I would prefer, but it doesn't switch HDMI and A/B switching is not available on any HT receiver in my price range that I can find.

What I ultimately need to do is drive a 6.1 in-wall speaker set up, plus 2 adjacent speakers when I listen to music in my bar, AND a sub that needs an amp to power it... and I bought a 3D TV so I need HDMI 1.4

To me, this is a nightmare.
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