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Hi All,

I'm trying to put together a system that can do the following (in order of precedence):

1. Stream Netflix HD videos via wi-fi to watch on my HDTV

2. Store and backup my home computer files via wi-fi (something with automatic back-up would be a bonus) - At least 1TB of storage required

3. Stream AVCHD files from network attached storage device to my HDTV via wi-fi

4. Play Blu Ray movies

I currently have a 802.11g router and Verizon FIOS internet connection (15MBps download).

My initial thought is to go with the following setup:

Sony BDP-S570 Blu Ray Player - will stream Netflix and AVCHD files via wi-fi

Dual-band 802.11n router w/ USB input (recommendations on which one?)

1TB External USB HD to plug into router (recommendations?)

A couple questions:

1. Am I missing anything? Will this work?

2. Anybody see anything more elegant or cheaper that will meet my requirements?

3. Is there a home media player that can accomplish these tasks as well for cheaper?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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