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Please recommend me a 37" LCD

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I need a new TV, this will be used for Hi def gaming, and upscaling DVDs. I want to keep it under $1,000

I had my eye on the Vizio from Costco, but want to know if there's a better choice.
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I've been looking at 37" also, but not under 1000 as a limit.

I see 2 problems off hand:

1) 37" does not have as big a selection as the other sizes .....lots of 32 or 40 " makers

2) Your cost limit narrows it down to Vizio or Olevia in 37"

PS: I'm working a nice deal with Sears on the 37" Aquos D43U model. They say they will price match in the range you are looking at. I don't want to violate any board rules with price specifics.

It's Just An Opinion
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Costco has a 1080p Westinghouse for the same price as the Vizio. I won't post the link, but how would that compare to the VX73L
I was in the same boat as you budget wise. I went with the 42" Vizio at Costco and am pretty happy for the value that I got. I would stick with Costco because of the warranty, but they have Vizio's now at Walmart as well with great prices. There are 42" sizes now under $1k if your interested as prices have been steadily declining.
Check out the 37" Sanyo @ Walmart; price is well under $1K. If you want to hook up a PS3, X360 or a dvd player, that unit has 3 HDMI inputs.

Also, the Sanyo has a higher contrast ratio of 1500:1 compared to Vizio's 1000:1
I looked at that Sanyo, and damn, it's definitely between that and the Vizio. I'll have to make the trek down to Wal Mart to hopefully compare.
I have the Westinghouse 37w3,and it can`t be beat for the price.It has every connection you could possibly want.After a little tweaking.It display`s an awsome picture.I paided $999,but at Costco`s price I might get another.
Actually, now that I did a little more research, its seems foolish to get the VX37 when the 42" Vizio is so little more from Costco/ Wal-Mart.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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