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I've been using a Planar PX191 ~4x3 19" LCD display with my desktop for about 9 years. I'd really like to upgrade now. For one thing, my desktop serves as an HTPC and my HDTV card outputs 16x9 at 720p. I could also hook up a 16x9 display on my desk with my new 1080p Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray player, in lieu of firing up my 1080p projector, which I don't always want to do. I guess I'd want to get a switch for the blu-ray player because it only has one HDMI output to make that option possible.

My desktop outputs 720p via DVI, and I have a switch to divert that to either my projector or desktop's display.

Stereo speakers on the display are probably not essential, don't know. I would very probably would just use my earbuds instead.

I don't game, could, but presently don't, so gaming capabilities aren't at the forefront of what I need in a display. I suppose 22-24" makes sense, but I don't know, honestly what's out there and what would be a good choice for me.

I sit at my desk such that my eyes are 22-24" from the display, so for computer usage I need the display to be adequate for browsing, email, coding, etc. I could scoot back for HTPC use, but scooting back isn't an option when I need to use my keyboard.

If I'm in the wrong forum, please suggest another, mods feel free to move my post.

Thanks for ideas, suggestions, etc.!
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