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pleeeeaaaaseeee helllllp!!!!!!!!

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help me please!!!!!! bethlehem pennsylvania


im a newbie i got a sony kdl46xbr2 and a motorola dvr6416 hdtv cable box from rcn thru input #7{hdmi} and the cable into tv and it doesnt work... i get the menu and a message that says temporarily off air, try back later... i have rebooted, unplugged, called rcn 20 times and i am about ready to give this thing back. rcn cant get a technician to me until tuesday and i am frustrated!! is there anything in the menu settings that i may have missed??? i get the motorolas' menu and the tv listings are blank(no data available)???? any input would be greatly appreciated..


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Some dumb questions...

1) Has the 6416 PVR been activated by RCN? I assume yes since you talk about arranging a trouble call. However, when you called them to activate the unit I woud have thought they would have kept you on the line while the unit went through the multiple reboots and at least one channel showed up on the TV.

2) Since you are seeing an image on the TV via the HDMI connection from the PVR, I have to assume this is a 6416 or a cable problem. Have you tried running the coax cable directly to the TV, having the TV do an auto channel scan, and then seeing if the TV will display at least one channel. Most cable system have at least one clear cable channel that the TV should be able to pick up. If this doesn't work, then it is your cable connection and not your PVR.

I hope things work for you soon.
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