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Plentiful Automation a Recipe for Condo Kitchen's Success
By Arlen Schweiger
Colorado vNet, HomeSeer, ReQuest, RTI and more bring a tasty dish of automation and A/V controls to this kitchen/dining room.

This small but effective condo kitchen is well-appointed, but the technology is not obtrusive. And it's got plenty of smartsso much so that it impressed a local TV morning news anchor to do a segment on it for Fox59 Morning News in Indianapolis.

Without too much space to deal with, systems designer DistinctAV provided some viewing by tucking a 19-inch LG HDTV over the crushed-glass, underlit bar table.

Colorado vNet lighting controls affect eight zones in the kitchen and dining areas alone, while an RTI K4 and ReQuest IQ touch screen provide all the control interfaces needed for entertaining.

The HomeSeer control system macros are custom per room and activity, with some convenient programming and scenes noted by DistinctAV's Derek Cowburn.

Press the Prepare Dinner' button for the lights, TV and audio to be adjusted. Another button for Entertain Guests' sets a different mood and volumes. And a Go Watch TV' button slowly turns off the kitchen lights, TV, and audio then turns on the adjacent living room TV, he says. It even lights the way there.

A wireless gyration keyboard and mouse allow the owners to use the HDTV as a web browser for following recipes, making reservations, or ordering take-out.

The K4 in-wall touch screen displays all of the cameras, including the powerful PTZ camera mounted on the roof. Even a remote Cove Cam webcam is viewable in case they want to see how the local water conditions are shaping up.

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