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Hello everyone,

This is a bit of a hail Mary in an attempt to find an answer. I've searched all over, even posted on the Plex forums where the only responses I find seem to be that if you don't worship every aspect of the product and have an issue then you are an imbecile and unclean and I've NEVER been answered on any questions there unfortunately. I love Plex. Use it every day on Win,Mac,IOS,Android AND Roku! BUT on the Mac and PC side, it takes longer and longer to connect as time goes by. I fix it by just wiping and reinstalling from scratch every few months but there has to be some reason that this is occurring. I have disabled and enabled IPV6. I have used Myplex and not used Myplex. I have reinstalled clients. Nothing seems to make a difference. I can find many references to this problem and zero concrete answers other than that IPV6 thing which really think is unrelated. I do not find it to be an issue on IOS, Roku or Android.

So - anyone know why it takes so long for Plex Mac and PC clients to connect to the server over time or even better have a fix?


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