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I just calibrated the PLIIx music setting on my Onkyo 605 to my liking (Didn't care for DTS NEO much). For some reason I'm getting a varying quality between the specific songs I play. I have my ipod plugged into the front AUX, and all the files are CD quality bitrate (no pirated music, all either ripped or downloaded from itunes).

For example, I was playing a few Coldplay tracks, and they sounded extremely muddy. Then, I put on "The way it is" by Bruce Hornsby and it sounded 100% better, crisp and multidimensional. And strangely, the Coldplay tracks are 256 kbps while the 2nd track is 128 kbps.

Any reason for this? I'm guessing the timbre of the speakers could have something to do with it, or maybe just the processing itself?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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