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after doing extensive research on this site... i came down with TWO LCDs..

LG 42" 1080P , contrast ratio 10,000:1 (from LG's website) 6,000:1 (from Bestbuy)

released March/April 2007

LG LCD @ Bestbuy


Philips 42" 1080P, contrast ratio 1100:1 (from Philips and Bestbuy website)

released April/May 2007

Philips LCD @ BestBuy

The only cons i heard about the LG are:

-can get red specks when output is to PC

-audio may have ringing sound when changing channels

I haven't heard any cons about Philips (cause it's still a week old) but i went to bestbuy today to look at it.. the philips had a brightness to it and nice clarity, but had this white haze.... while the LG was darker and deeper.. but you can see a tad bit those red specks..

which do u guys think i should purchase?? Thanks in advance!
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