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Hi - I am looking for some advice on what kind of remote setup to purchase for my system. I have 2 rooms I need to configure - my home theater and gym. Both are fed content from my A/V closet. My configuration is as follows:

A/V Closet - contains Denon Receiver (3313ci), Blu Ray, Cable Box

Home Theater - Projector connected to Denon Zone 1 by HDMI

Gym - TV is connected to Denon Zone 2 by HDMI

The receiver is capable of outputting to 2 independent HDMI connections. I won't ever be watching content in both the Home Theater and Gym at the same time, so I don't care about the obvious issue that I can't watch different TV channels (or DVDs) in the 2 rooms simultaneously.

Question is how to control all of this? My guess is I need an IR extender/receiver kit for the Gym. I led Cat 6 cable from the Gym to the A/V closet so hopefully that will carry the IR signal? What kind of equipment is recommended? I have a Logitech universal remote I can use to control things from the gym.

I would prefer the Home Theater to be RF capable since I don't want to install an IR receiver up front. I will need aremote and RF setup - any advice?

The other main question I have is..... if I have IR flashers on my equipment (to allow control from the Gym), will I also be able to control them from the home theater? Do I buy 2 sets of flashers? Or can I buy 1 control block and wire it to be controlled by both the Gym and the Home Theater?

As you can see, I am a bit confused. Please help.


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The following would work:

A. Gym

- existing Logitech remote configured to control all the devices in the closet and the TV in the gym

- purchase a Logitech Harmony IR Extender System (or equivalent) and make the appropriate cable connections between the IR Receiver (in the gym) and the IR Blaster (in the closet) via the Cat 6 cable.

- place the IR Receiver close to the TV for best signal reception by both devices

- place the IR Blaster in a location to allow the signal to be received by all devices

This will handle the control from the gym.

B. Home Theatre

- purchase a Harmony 890 or 900 (or other RF remote)

- configure the remote to control all the devices in the closet and the TV in the Home Theatre

- place the RF Wireless Extender or Blaster in a location to allow ir signal to be received by all devices

This will handle the control from the Home Theatre

Do no use stick on ir flashers and the IR Blaster and RF Wireless Extender should be sufficient to control all the devices in the closet.
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