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Plus Piano

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Does anyone who went to Infocomm have anything good to say about this projector?

(JUst checked latest spec on projector central,1000 hr lamp life,fixed lens(no zoom),no 480p support, oops ,Plus had better be selling these for sub $2000 or they aren't going to sell any!!)

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Yeah, that would be about to only good thing I would have to say about the Piano: the *rumours* that it will sell around $2,000. :/

OTOH if the rumours are true, or the Plus guys start listening to the rumours and make it happen... it could be the first entry-level HT front-projector. $2000 is about what you pay for and entry level 480P capable RPTV, so the price is right. That would make Seleco's pricing scheme almost laughably bad. (and they're pricing isn't even all that outrageous)


Kam Fung
We may see Piano and another 2-lb projector at PC Expo: http://www.techxny.com/pc_expo/index.html

I wonder how much is the 130W UHP lamp... http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
Projector Central said some nice things about the Piano. http://www.projectorcentral.com/cons...?ci=plus_piano

I respectfully disagree about Seleco's pricing not being outrageous. Who in their right mind would pay $10k+ for a lousy SVGA projector? Oh, wait -- there's the Runco DLP market! ;-)

FWIW, the Piano is supposed to have a terrific line doubler for SVGA. Plus, (no pun intended) it can take a DVI input from a HTPC. If anyone has any pull whatsoever at Plus, get them to add a zoom!
$2400 for a Piano may not be such a great deal if those NEC lt150s are still available for $3200.

Are Pianos available now? It seems like you can order them online, but I can't read Japanese!
I was just ferreting around on the Japanese website and they have the Piano lamp price as 29800 yen ($241) which seems pretty reasonable.Are they complimenting a cheap projector with cheaper lamps(makes sense with 1000hr lamp life).
A little birdy at Plus just told me the "Piano" will be out in one and a half months to 2 months. The retail pricing will be between $3000 and $4000 dollars. 480P input is still up in the air.

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A 400 lumen SVGA projector for $3k to $4k? Ouch!!! For that kind of dough, the XGA NEC LP150 for $3200 starts to sound like a real winner.

Is is possible to obtain units directly from Japan? It is being offered there for about $2400 at current exchange rates.
When you look at the ridiculous price Sim2 want for the HT200 you can understand a little why Plus think they can charge this.Hopefully they will realise people aren't going to pay massively more than the Japanese in a globally aware market.Also street prices for Plus projectors seem to be heavily discounted compared to msrp.
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