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Hello all. i want to connect my PS2 to my monitor (u2311h). it have a VGA/DVI/DisplayPort. i wonder how to get best clear picture quality and how to connect to it.

I have both A/V Multi out with composite & A/V Multi out with Component cables for the PS2.

Does the VGA/DVI port of U2311H support or compatible with Component/YPbPr signals ? (it think it also called RGBHV)

I need to use this cable with my monitor:

or this cable in case of dvi:

*note that this is dvi-i and the u2311h has just dvi-d so i dont sure.

The main goal is to get the best picture quality from a PS2 console that connected with an A/V Multi out with composite or A/V Multi out with Component:

and i saw another possibility with this cable:

the question is that i dont know if the VGA port of u2311h support RCA/S-Video input signals.

any suggestions? what do i need to get the best quality for the PS2 (any cables /adapters or anything)
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