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PLZ help - VGA & progr Scan selector / booster question

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I've finally complrted the construction/remodel of my first home theatre project. First of all, many thanks for all the great info i've read on this forum. it really helped to get me over the hurdles!

Now that i'm starting to use my new room regurally, i've having some connectivity issues. Specifically, i am having problems correctly connecting a HTPC to my X1 PJ.

I would like to be able to split the VGA signal coming out of the PC so that i can use a small monitor that will set on top of my AV rack, but the trick is i want to be able to use this without having the PJ turned on.

The VGA cable (25') that i have running to the projector input i have been using for 2 purposes:

1) for the computer VGA output and

2) the progressive scan input, w/ adapter, for those not familiar w/ the x1).

There are a couple issues i've been running into which i was hoping some of you could give me some ideas.

First of all, if i use the passthrough VGA signal coming out of the X1 going to the PC monitor, the PJ must be turned on or the signal is very weak on the monitor (about 50' of cable total before it gets back to the monitor). I have been using a simple manual A/B switch to change from the PC signal to the DVD/Cable box progressive scan input coming from my reciever. The main problem with this is that i must switch the selector to PC to be able to get a signal on the monitor. I would like to be able to use the monitor to do things like play music (or net browsinng,etc..) while the projector is being used to play a dvd.

So my thought was just by a VGA 2 way splitter put that on the output of the video card (ATI 9800 AIW), have 1 go to the monitor and the 2nd output going to the switch box which also has the comp video adapter for prog scan. Unfortnatly, that didn't work so well, the monitor works fine (about 6' of cable), but the computer image on the projector becomes very dark and dull when the moitor is plugged in.

This then led me to believe that the long run of cable to the projector 25' was too much with the splitter. After that i tried a QVS smartview 4 port video selector / Booster, with the hopes that the booster part would amplify the signal enough to appear regurally on the projector and monitor at the same time. But much to my dismay, the same thing happened when i tried it in place of my regular switch box today... image is OK on the monior, but dark on the projector.

Here is the switch i'm using: QVS MSV104RC (it's the 4 port w/ remote control one - MSV104RC)

The 2nd problem with this switch is that it does not seem to pass the progressive scan signal from my reciever to the projector at all. The manual switch seemed to work fine for passing the prog scan signal to the projector...just a pain to get off my butt to change it all the time...

So, i guess i'm just wondering if anyone has tried to do something similar to this. I would like to hear what options i may have for being able to use the computer monitor without running it through the projector while being able to quickly (by remote control if possible) be able to use the PC on the PJ

Thanks for your help!
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