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just got the PN51D6500 Display, so far it looks fantastic but I'm having an issue with it connected via HDMI to a Computer

I have a GTX560TI Nvidia HDMI Card connected to the Plasma via HDMI, the desktop screen or any open window looks like an OLD CRT via 60 Hz, which is hurting my eyes as we speak. All whites look super grey when maximized fullscreen and they turn normal when you minimize a browser window into a small box. My eyes notice this poor 60 hz display, which could be easily corrected on a CRT by increasing it's refresh rate to 70 or 85 hz. Problem is this only works on 60hz

Rememmber back in the day, the OLD CRT monitors had issues if you left it at 60 hz, but once you put it on 70 hz or even 85 hz, the display looked great. That's the kind of display that is showing now. It hurts my eyes so much

My old TV was a Sony KDL-EX723 LED TV and I did not have this issue with it. I didn't like it because of Flashlighting and Clouding. Any black screen would show these imperfections, so I decided to go with plasma.

So far everything looks great, only issue is this horrible 60 hz screen display when using my computer.

before I start returning products , I need to know if this is 100% normal for a Plasma TV. My PC looked fantastic on the KDL-EX723, so I know everything that I currently own is working correctly, I just don't understand whats going on. This is my first Plasma ever, so I'm not sure if this is normal.
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