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I have been doing some podcasting lately with some of my students. I teach web design / interactive media. It's been a lot of fun talking about topics we are passionate and interested in. With that said, I wanted to ramp up the quality of production. I feel like our video with new cameras is going to be helpful and the setup is ready to go. However, the audio was not up to par. Recently I have purchased three additional blue yeti's because I was so impressed with the quality we were getting off of just one.

Now I will have 4 blue yeti's, but they are all mini-USB outs as far as output goes. We're trying to find a good way to mix the audio. The problem we were having is that one person who talks quietly could barely be heard and I would be very loud. We want a good way to mix the audio. Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive option for mixing 4 blue yeti's? It could be software or hardware, looking for something under $300 if we can.

Suggestions are welcome as we have no clue what we're doing!

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Since the yeti is a USB mic, you need a way to get the output of the mic to the input of the mixer. Your best bet would be to contact Blue Microphones:



Most of the usb mixers I found have usb for output...



There are plenty of (inexpensive) USB mixers that connect to a pc or mac, but most mixers need an XLR connection.


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