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Poka Dotted Panny

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Help!! I'm getting a weird effect on my display and I was wondering if anyone could help.


Three week old panny 6UY

Problem Description:

Display was picture perfect until yesterday. Now the screen displays dots every half inch or so making the picture look a bit like vertical lines are running through the picture every half inch. But wait there's more...

I tried this on every input including pc and the same thing happens but only on the shadows and highlights of the picture. On midtones the picture displays correctly. So if a face appears on screen the flesh displays correctly but the eyes and lips and hair have dots running throught them. On a football game the grass is correct but the player's and hash marks have dots. Doesn't matter what aspect ratio or resolution. Also the panny menus and side bars display correctly.

Any ideas? Is there a reset button some where?
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Try turning down the black levels with the Brightness control and see if this vanishes. If so, you had your Brightness set too high.

If you set the black levels too high, the display electronics tries to raise the over-all level of light output by turning on the occassional, widely spaced pixel -- the only choice it has since it's a digital display and only has a fixed number of steps available for turning on any given pixel. Think of it as a rounding error. The symptom is a nearly regular pattern of widely spaced pixels turned on that looks like it might be some sort of interference pattern.

As for why it's happening only now, you may have changed Brightness without realizing it or the aging of the display electronics may have triggered this if your Brightness was right at the edge of being too high.

When calibrating your set, put up the all black test screen from your calibration DVD and get your eyes up close to the set. Look for any such pattern of widely spaced pixels -- it will likely be a good deal more subtle than what you are reporting. Re-adjust black levels by turning down Brightness until an all black test screen is really and truly all black (no pixels turned on). Use the setting that cause the first speckles to appear as an upper limit on Brightness. You may still need to lower Brightness further than that to get to the point of proper calibration.


If turning down Brightness doesn't fix it, try moving your player closer to the display temporarily and connect using a shorter cable. If that fixes it you probably have a cable length problem causing noise in the data.

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Thank you for the reply.

I have tried adjusting the picture and bightness controls (and every other control) but it has no effect on the dots. It happens on every input no matter what the source and or cable I use. I think I will need to have the set serviced unfortunately.:( I was just starting to enjoy my new tv.
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