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Poker Room Suggestions

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Ive run a Friday night league for the past three years and every year the league gives me $200 back for hosting and i dump it back into the room, i know, i know, its a rake. This year im looking at a display for the tournament director we use. I currently use my lap top to run the tourneys but its hard to see from across the room. I was thinking of maybe scooping up a cheap ass projectore and running it on that, or a 20 inch lcd and plugging the computer into it. any suggestions, i wanna ddo it cheap cuase its only getting used 52 days a year

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A used business projector would work great. You could make it as big as you need and see it from across the room. I would bet there are many people on here who have one who would sell you or you can always check ebay. Try the refurbished ones from Infocus and other dealers. You should be able to pick one up for $200. Heck, you can pick an HD one up for under $500 now.
I agree, a cheap used projector is the way to go. I'm sure someone on your local craigslist has something out there.
And no sooner as I typed my response, I went over to Detroit craigslist, and found this: http://detroit.craigslist.org/bfs/542379618.html

Like I said, these types of deals should be all over.
the problem is that i dont have a lot of wall space to hang the screen. im gonna have to look around here. i may build a new table with the screen built into it , im not sure yet. i wish i knew how to post pics it would be way mre helpful
To post pics, host your pics on a site like http://imageshack.us/ . Then copy the URL of your pics, come here, post a reply, and in between the IMAGE tags, past the URL. So something like this: "[IMAGE] http://imageshack.us.picure1[/IMAGE ]" but without the quotes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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