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I want to get some low volume music across my back patio and pool. I will use Zone 2 on my AVR to power these Polk Audio Atrium 6 speakers.

Here is my space...I want to place these speakers 23' apart from each other left/right - under the overhang of course, angling slightly down. The blue arrows are the locations I was thinking.

Any reason the spread is too much - meaning will I only hear is once channel (unless I am way out)- my seating distance on the patio will be relative close - meaning perhaps 7-10 ft in the middle. As you can see I have three areas that I use, one right behind the sliding door. The other the high top table to the right, and then finally lounging in the pool.

Am I better clustering them together - to the left and right of the patio door..., like 7-10 ft apart to get better imaging when I am up close. Or am I overthinking this...

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