OK let's get this out of the way... when it comes to soundbars and price/performance ratios, Polk already has my respect. Its Magni-Fi series are among the best I've heard at under $500. Now, the company is offering a marriage of fidelity, price, and convenience that's almost unfathomable. And yet at CES 2018, there it was, the Polk Audio Command Bar ($299) soundbar . With Amazon Alexa, including the ring of blue LEDs and the farfield microphones—it's the real deal.

While the $299 price point for an HDMI-equipped soundbar with a wireless sub and Alexa capability is already impressive, Polk had the guts to actually play the Command Bar in the hotel ballroom where the press conference was held. We're talking a huge space where normally you'd use a PA system. And the fact is Polk's latest soundbar did a great job. No, it was not "movie theater loud" but it was clear, well-balanced sound.

Here is a recording of that press conference. Unfortunately I did not have another chance to demo the Polk Audio Command Bar, but I do expect to get one in for review. And regardless, it definitely deserves an AVS Forum Best of CES nod for providing so much at such an attractive price while still delivering good sound.

Preorders for the Polk Audio Command Bar begin April 1, 2018.

Polk Audio press conference at CES 2018 including the unveiling and first demo of the Command Bar: