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About 2 years ago I bought a Sony HT 7200DH HTIB and have been very happy with it. My hearing isn't great and I believe that it makes watching movies or TV a bit easier for me since I can hear the dialogue so much better (I'm thinking the Center channel helps). Since the center channel speaker looks to be the same as all of the surround sound speakers (single 3" speaker), I'm thinking that if I get a new center channel speaker with two speakers and a tweeter, it'll make the dialogue just a bit clearer.

I was looking at some Holiday sales today and found a Polk RM-8 Center channel on sale for $50 shipped. I looked at the dimensions and was pleasantly surprised to see that it would fit in my TV stand! I barely have over 4" of room and this RM-8 has two speakers and a tweeter that should fit fine. My problem is that I can't find any specs. relating to how many Ohms it is (IIRC, the Sony speakers are 6 Ohms). I am also wondering if I will ruin how the system sounds by changing only one speaker.

Please realize that I have a very limited budget and very limited space. I am just trying to get a bit of clearer dialogue so I don't have to ask 'what did he / she say?' so many times (I only ask 2 or 3 times during a movie now, it was worse before the HTIB). Of course, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

-Thanks, Ken
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