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Polk Audio RM85 vs OWM3

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Hello all

I am new to the 5.1 game and have finally focused in on the Polk RM85 bundle (with PSW11) or the OWM3 bundle (with PSW111). They both land right in the price range of what i want to spend.

I ran by Circuit City today and took a quick listen to both, although the OWM3's were only hooked for stereo, not surround. The setup at CC is really not great.

My overall impression was that both sets of speakers sound great. I think the size of the RM's may be a little better for my room, however the OWM3's look like they really blend into the environment even though they are a little big.

I will be using the system with a 42 Panasonic Plasma TV.

The use will be a mix of movies and music.

The room is 11 x 12 feet and 9 foot ceilings with windows along one wall and large opening to side room. It is far from a perfect environment, but is the best location for the time being.

What are people overall opinions on these 2 systems and their overall sound qualities.

Thanks much
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