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Was looking into a Soundbar for the kids playroom for the PS3. The Polk Hitmaster is a self-powered stage monitor with 80 watts RMS, 6 1/2 woofer and two horn tweeters on each speaker for stereo sound from one speaker, analog RCA and mini 1/8" inputs. I ran the analog audio output from the PS3 directly to each speaker as my TV only has a Toslink digital output, don't want to spend $60 for a converter. Ran the left output to the left speaker and right output to the right input on the right speaker. Both tweeters will not work unless a signal is going to each input on the speaker. I preferred one tweeter on each speaker for better stereo separation and less harshness as well as a backup tweeter in case one blows.

In the upright position they do need minimal support behind them. Our TV is mounted on a gooseneck stand so there is just the right amount of space between the stand and TV for the speakers. They lack a little in bass but I am very impressed overall considering the investment was $80 plus tax and free shipping for both speakers, large hated retailer alert. Wanted to post in case someone wants to upgrade their sound system on a budget. Obviously not surround sound but they do produce very good stereo sound for the money. The volume knob is at 2.5 out of 11 and it's more than enough. These also make a great Ipod speaker and there are lots of other alternative uses for a decent powered speaker.
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