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Polk or Athena? No Brainer

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I have a Polk CS1 Center Speaker and a 10 inch Subwoofer. I listen mostly to music and I want a speaker that has good highs and mids, the lows are not an issue for me. The Polk Audio Monitor 50's are $400 for the pair. I know they would match up with my center but I like music more than movies.

Would the Athena FS-1's be better at only ~$300 per pair or the Athena FS-2's at ~$400 per pair? :confused:

What would be the best bet in this situation? I checked out the Axioms at $550 a pair but are they that much better?

I am in search of nice high's and mid's, thanks.

Jimmy S.
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I don't have information that will exactly help you out, but I want to help you get your answers.

I've listened to Athena F1, F2 and Polk RTi8 (more expensive than the Monitor 50) in the same setup, but not the Monitor 50s themselves. I liked the Polks more than the Athenas, which seemed a little less detailed. Keep in mind that I didn't do a comparison of the exact Polks you're looking at, and that I don't have a great ear.

I was a bit disappointed with Athena in general, since I had heard so many good things on this forum about them. Maybe the setup wasn't great...

Do you have a chance to go and listen to those three speakers? If so, you must do it.
Thanks for the input. Yeah, I have heard lots of good things about the Athena's but if the Polks are just as good, then I know they will match my center speaker. However, I know that you listened to some different Polks than the ones I want. Thanks for the heads up.
and when I bought it I compared it with the Athena center here is my review.

I would get the polks!
Thanks for the Heads up, I will let you know how it all worked out.
1. General rule of thumb - get matching speakers for your front sound stage - front L/R and CC.

2. General good advice - listen to both speakers in your room and decide for yourself.

Good luck.

Wouldn't that rule of thumb only apply if you enjoyed movies as much as music. Why would you pay for an expensive center if you only liked and not loved movies. I love music but movies are alright, so I want to get the best Main speakers for the price but not necessarily the best CC. But thanks for the heads up because it does make sense. ;)
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