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I posted this originally in "official Polk" thread...thought I'd try here....

I've had this sub (polk psw10) for a few months. I've noticed an increased amount of rattle during low, long rumbling audio (quakes, thunder). Higher frequency content from the sub, as well as a short blast at any frequency, seems to be OK. I removed the grill, but it (sub) still rattles. Just by visual inspection, it seems that the noise is from the vibrating, moving paper/foam. I don't see any damage to any portion of the speaker. I'm driving it with an onkyo 705 with an absolute volume setting far below the maximum. The sub volume dial is turned to about the 60% point, the lpf dial is set all the way to 160 Hz. Phasing doesn't seem to make a difference. I'm using a Y connection into both L,R inputs on the sub. I'm using my audessy settings. In short, I don't believe that I'm over driving the sub.

Generally, this sub is not the best performer at the lowest frequencies, but I wouldn't expect the "rattles". Anyone else experience this? Is it possible that the sub is defective, or is it just a poor design?

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