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I've been trying to do research like crazy on the web the past week, and also going into stores. A speaker set that I've really targeted and will PROBABLY end up getting is the Polk RM6880's. The set is right in my price range and from what I've heard at the local Fry's/Circuit City stores, they seem to sound very good and would be a considerable upgrade over what I've got.

Has anyone had any experiences with the Polk RM7600's? The reason I ask about those is because I noticed a cheap set online for sale and would have a chance at getting them, just trying to see if it's worth moving forward on them or not.

If anyone has any suggestions/input here, I would REALLY appreciate it! Just trying to make a decision and move forward so I can get this system up and going.

I would PREFER input on either one of these systems, but if anyone else has an opinion on a system that would really be worth getting in the 600 dollar range, that would be good too!
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