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here come my first post to a grat site i just discover

i bough a pioneer 1018 for cristams and now i am debating bettween the polk rm 6880 and the energy take clasic 5.1 speaker. i have to get it from futureshop therefore they have to be from there. they are almost same price (+or-50 $)

my living room is appro 18x 18. i will be listening to regular tv and few hd tv from the satelite has i am not quite ready to get cd ect.. ... but i also have kids 7 and 9 years wich is why i got the 1018 so they can plug their mp3 player directly to the receiver and listen to their music ( i bet it will be loud lol)

-now i search and notice that with the polk system, the rear and front spreaker need to be hook up to the sub ...do i have to do the same with the energy ?? wich i think it will affect the pionner MACC system calibration.

also the polk run with 65 watt continus or 135 watt at peak will i blow them ??

the energy ratig is diferent wich is 120 rms so does it compare to the polk ??

the sub is small on the energy 8 inch compare to the polk 10 inch will it affect the loudeness??

i did get the polk for now abd they are still in the box but i am having secong though about it as i have been reading a lot about the energy and should i go and exchange them and get the energy or is there anything else i shoud pick up for around 400 $

i try to post the url but it will not let me ...

thank for all your input
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