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polk rt5000 system or B&W nautilus, which? Should be a no brainer eh?

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Hi Guys, I am really appreciating the responses from people to my questions, so here is another!

It will be speaker time shortly and I have been trying to listen to different brands types etc.

I likes the rt5000 set of five speaker. the centre was good (cs1000) and I likes the dipole rears (fx/1000). I didnt like the price, $15000 new zealand, or $7500 US.

I heard some B&W matrix 803 + htm2 and B&W bipoles. the setup wasnt good for the bipoles but the sound overall was very nice as well. The place with the B&W's would sell me the 2 nautilus 804's + the HTM1 plus 2 nautilus 805's for the same price as the polks, $7500.

It should be obvious, I should get the b&w shouldnt I. The problem is that I may not get to hear them until after I order them.. The market isnt big enough here for dealers to keep some things in stock for demos..

I have a B&w asw800 sub and am thinking about an velodyne HGS-18 as well regardless of which speakers.

I have heard lots of good theings about the b&w but alas will be ordering them without an audition.. Will I be doing the right thing??

They will be driven with the 9000ES amp/preamp. I am willing to go with another amp (even though I only just got this one http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif ) as i hear the b&w's might be sensitive to input.

What would you do. The polks are way overpriced. the would only give me a discount on the floor model.
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