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I recently installed a SurroundBar SDA IHT and successfully programmed the commands (Power / Mute / Vol Up / Vol Down) into it from my Toshiba TV remote. The remote works fine, but the angle is very narrow and distance-limited. It really only works from straight in front of the SurroundBar and no more than 12-15 feet away.

The Toshiba LCD has a built-in IR repeater, so I attempted to use an IR-blaster cable to catch the remote signal and repeat it directly in front of the SurroundBar - no luck. The IR-blaster is working - I can see it flash and it properly passes signals to my DirecTV receiver, but it won't help the SurroundBar.

Another issue, is that the Toshiba will only let you turn off the TV speakers if you have a CE-Link compatible AV receiver plugged into the HDMI input - otherwise the speaker off menu selection is "grayed out". I can live with this, but am hoping someone else has figured out a workaround.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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