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Polk T15 vs Athena AS-B1.2

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Hey all. Been reading these forums and decided to finally join.

I bought the t15s the other day. They are currently on sale at BB for 59. I was hoping to finally finish my 7.1.

My system has 4 of the Athena's as my mains and surrounds. I have a paradigm center also used and a Polk psw10 used. Did pretty well as I got all my speakers off Craigslist and I don't think I could do much better for that price.

Back to my question. I hooked up a T15 to the front so I could compare my athena side by side. I was hearing much better quality out if the Athena. More sounds in the songs which were not apparent in the t15.

Any suggestions on something that would better match my current setup then the t15?

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The Athena B1 is a much better speaker than the Polk T15. Used to own two complete sets of Athena speakers.

Saw these on Ebay.


If you want something smaller for your surrounds then get the s.5 speakers.

What receiver do you have?

Which Paradigm center are you using? An Athena center would probably be a better match.
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Thanks afrogt

I have a marantz 1603.

I found some Athena's locally and he wants to much for them. I got 4 used for $60 which was insane. So I'm having trouble finding something close sounding without spending 3-400

As for the center. I can't remember of the top of my head.

S.5's are just to small. I might have to buckle down and grab something in a skinny tower but the bookshelf size fits better in my living space.

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I wonder if the Klipsch icon series would work?



I have a well used and cosmetically challenged set of Athena Point 5's around here someplace that I bought many years ago as display models from BestBuy. The tweeters, drivers and crossovers are all perfect. They use the same tweeter as the B1's. I'll let you have the whole set for $100 + sh. PM me if you're interested. I can post some pictures...if I can find them!

When funds allow you should upgrade the sub.

And yes, the Athena's are much better then the Polk's you have.

Anything will work, but look for some Athena's with the same tweeters. Listen to Mike Holmes. "Do it once, do it right". Anything else is "un-acceptable".

Gene c353, the P5's are more satellite style as I think they would be fine but I would like to add 2 speakers to complete my 7.1 system.


My receiver is great.  I have no complaints.. I came from a Pioneer Elite and love my new receiver.


My sub i used to own this brand new and for some reason i think something is wrong with this.  I have a feeling the people i bought it from didnt know how to correctly hook it up and some how shorted out something.  The sub still works.


Is there something wrong with the PSW10.  From what I remember this is the best budget sub people can grab.  Anything better at $100?  I would really like a cube for the size.  But they still run more then I can spend right now.


At this point I might as well Grab something to be the mains in the front and have the Athenas all be my surround.  But still dont know.


Afrogt.....used to live in Norcal and have to say good Baseball town.  Never thought it would be....But really good baseball town.


Sub suggestions Gene? or anyone
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Craigslist/ebay/etc is still the best place to buy speakers. Subs are a little riskier because of the power amp. If you plan using the Athena's as surrounds then look for the model number on the Paradigm center and try and find some mains to match it. The front three should be as identicle as possible. Not so important for the surrounds to be the same. Otherwise, sell the center and and look for mains and a center from the same brand/series. Or, use the 4 B1's as fronts and surrounds, sell the Paradigm center and search for an Athena center and two more B1's (or a pair of the Point 5's) as back surrounds.

$60 for 4 Athena B1's is insane. Good catch.

The PSW10 sub only goes down to 35 hz. $100 should get you something better. The Dayton Sub-1000 is currently $105 shipped. Goes down to 30hz which is the least a sub should do imo. Or, check CL again. There's usually a good supply of Infinity/JBL/etc subs for under $100.
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The center I have is the CC150.  I think it matches pretty good but I could be wrong.


60 was insane.  I purchased my CC150, 4 Athenas, and the PSW10 for 140 total.  Doubt I could have done better.  40 each for the Sub and Center.  


That being said I think I need to refoam my CC150 as some of the foam has disintegrated,


I could use the Athena's as 4 fronts.  Since I do have to put my sub over to the Right of the system. 


If I did go to another sub I would like to have something I could fit in a tighter spot.  11x11x11 


I would probably stretch the limit on my $ but since I just talked the soon to be wife into a new TV and any big purchases I'm sure wouldnt fly.


I might have to buckle down and grab those other Athenas from the local guy even thought I dont want to pay more then 15 since that was what I paid last year for them.



Do we think the CC150 matches ok?

Would the Dayton Sub be ok in a 8"?
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I did a quick search of the CC-150 (and I mean real quick) and it looks like it uses a fabric dome tweeter instead of aluminum which most Paradigm models have so while it wont actually match the Athena's it shouldn't be that far off. Besides, they're both Canadian companies. That has to account for something. Well, maybe not.

The Dayton 8" wouldn't be enough of an up-grade to warrant the extra expense and effort. If you're fairly happy with the Polk then just keep it. At least you didn't spend $100+ like so many others have. Uh-oh. I think I just offended "so many others"...sorry guys.

As for spending more on the other Athena's then you want to, don't look at the individual prices paid. Add up all seven speakers plus the subwoofer and divide by eight (at least that's what the S.F. Giants front office told us to do when they signed Barry Zito for 17 million a year), then forget the whole thing and make a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy your 7.1 surround sound system.
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Nice Zito reference.

If the Dayton 8 would have the same performance then the size of the whole sub, might actually be better for the space.

Would the tsi200 polks be good or should I just switch up my mains totally and grab some bamboo audio engines which would fit the decor and then a new center.

Crap I'm dreaming. I might as well just grab these Athena's locally. Just want something newer for the front so I can end up with all the Athena's running the rear surrounds.

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