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Polk TSI100 Crossover Frequency

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Where should I have the crossover setting at for the Polk TSI100? They have one 5.25" Woofer in them. I have the reciever set to "small speakers" and LFE at 120Hz. I started out at 80Hz and recently moved it to 90Hz and think I had an improvement in sound (I am crossing all the speakers with the same setting). I am running the TSI100's for both the fronts and the surrounds in a 5.1 system. Anyone have an opinion?


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Its lower -3db point is 61hz, so it's best that you don't drop below 80hz for a crossover.

There are a number of factors you need to look at:
  • Capability of the speakers. We've looked at the bookshelf, but what about the center?
  • Capability of the sub. If it had poor performance above 80hz, that might lead one to a lower crossover.
  • Room response. If there are some problem frequencies between 80 and 120hz (big dips or peaks in response due to room modes), then sending those frequencies to the sub allows you to place the sub where those frequencies are not wildly varying at your listening position. This is the tricky part, easiest if you have test tones and a sound level meter, or free measurement software.
The center is the Polk CS20, the sub is a 10" Lava and I have 4-TSI100s. The sound level meter is one of the things on my list, along with running the Audyssey. I have a Denon AVR591.

I just noticed an improvement when I went from 80Hz to 90 Hz to my untrained ears. I guess my question should have been more along the line of will these settings damage the TSI100s. This is a small system in an apartment, so I don't get close to reference. I am happy with the way it sounds now and look forward to check out the Audyssey Multi EQ.

I am not familiar with the free measurement software but will research that.


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No risk of damage, no worries.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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