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Do you prefer 7.1 with rears, 7.1 with heights, or just 5.1?

  • I've heard 7.1 with height speakers, and I prefer the sound of 7.1 with back surrounds.

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  • I've heard 7.1 with back surrounds, and I prefer the sound of 7.1 with height speakers.

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Poll: 5.1 vs 7.1 Backs vs 7.1 Heights

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For those of you who have tried all 3, I'd like to hear your opinion.
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Originally Posted by ed3120 /forum/post/20812683

For those of you who have tried all 3, I'd like to hear your opinion.

I have tried all three setups. I use to run with just 5.1 and it is what it is. I then tried 7.1 when I got my Sony receiver a few years ago. I tried 7.1 with rears and while it was alright, I just did not think it brought much to the table above 5.1. Maybe my room is just not big enough to notice the difference.

Then in January of 2011 after rearranging my room I purchased an Onkyo TX-NR1008 and decided to give heights and wides a try. Considering my room is 20X10 and I have my front soundstage on the 20 ft wall, I have my seats up against the rear wall now and 7.1 with rears is not an option.

I have to say that although the sound from the heights and wides are not discrete channels, Audyssey and Dolby (depending on my listening mode) do a great job of pulling the info that should go up high. Last night while watching some preseason football games the heights really shined. It made me feel as if I was the Vet back in the late 90's watching the Eagles.

My suggestion is hook speakers up and demo each listening mode for few days and see what one you like best. After all you are the only one that candecide which one YOU like best, but for me I love my 9.1 with heights and wides.
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