Whether you have a projection-based home theater or a rig built around a flat-panel TV, it's a thrill to play video games on a highly capable AV system. With 4K and HDR now in the mix, and with many games offering sophisticated surround-sound mixes as well as high frame rates, I got to wondering who here is a home theater gamer, and if you are, what are your prefered gaming platforms?

What got me started thinking about this poll is a recent upgrade of my PC to an Nvidia GTX 1080 ( GigaByte AORUS 8G Rev. 2.0 ) card, which made it possible to run games in 4K at 60 frames per second, as well as to output HDR for games that support it. This opened my eyes to the picture quality potential offered by top-tier games on the PC platform.

In addition to the PC, I also have a PlayStation 4 Pro, and just yesterday I purchased Horizon: Zero Dawn. I picked it up after reading about how it is the reference for 4K HDR visuals on the PS4 Pro, even though the framerate is capped at 30p. I've only just started exploring the game, but I had multiple emotional reactions to the combination of imagery and storytelling. That reaction was surely tied to the fidelity of the presentation and the suspension of disbelief it engendered.

While I don't own an Xbox of any sort at this time—although I do have the Elite controller for my PC—the Xbox One is notable for its inclusion of an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and its support for HDR as well. Crucially, it's available at a price that's lower than single-purpose Ultra HD Blu-ray players that don't offer gaming, with consoles starting at $249. Moreover, the Xbox One X that's due this November 7th promises to bring extremely high performance 4K HDR gaming to the masses.

Nvidia offers an intriguing option with it's Shield, which runs premium Android games and can output them at 4K resolution, as well as stream PC graphics from compatible Nvidia video cards.

Of course, you don't need HDR, or even 4K to enjoy a high-fidelity gaming experience. Perhaps you enjoy Nintendo's whimsical offerings, or maybe you're into retro gaming.

Anyhow, I'd love to get an idea of who here is gaming, and what you're gaming on. So, on to the poll question:

Do you game in a home theater environment? And if you do game, what platform or platforms do you use?

1. PC
2. Xbox One (or newer)
3. Xbox 360
4. PlayStation 4 (or newer)
5. PlayStation 3
6. Nvidia Shield
7. Nintendo Switch
8. Nintendo Wii U
9. I use some other platform
10. I don't play video games on my AV system

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Cover image from bigstockphoto.com