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Several people have said that they select DVD's for purchase on the basis of their likelihood for multiple viewings.

What are your favorite DVD's to go back to again and again? Some of mine are:


The Matrix

From The Earth to the Moon


Fifth Element

Titan AE


October Sky

Live Shows:

Jerry Seinfield - I'm Telling You For The Last Time

Best of Chris Rock Show Vol 2

Dennis Miller: Live from DC

Cirque du Soleil - Quidam

Eagles - Hell Freezes Over

Dave Matthews Band - Listener Supported

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

It is interesting that this list of "multi-view" DVD's does not necessarily match my list of "favorite" DVD's.

What are your best multi-view titles?

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I agree that Memento belongs on a "favorite" list. Is it also on the "multi-view" list?

I think the unusual story delivery of Memento yeilds something new with mulitiple viewings, which makes it a good candidate for owning vs. renting.

What other DVD's belong in the "own" column?

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Fifth Element (now Superbit)

Tarzan SE

Wizard Of Oz


Yellow Submarine

A Hard Days Night

Beach Boys Endless Harmony


Apocalypse Now

Simpsons Season #1

mostly for demo purposes

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Stargate SG-1 Box set

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Iron Monkey

Wing Chun

Shaolin Soccer


Monty Python & the Holy Grail

Happy Gilmore


Army of Darkness

Austin Powers 2

I guess my comedies get a lot of good spin time :D

Also, I'm going to go ahead and assume:

Star Wars Episode I :)

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Avia Guide to Home Theater. I've played it more often than any other DVD I own.

Seriously though, the Toy Story box. I carry the discs with me while traveling. Always something new to look at in there.

Also, "Groundhog Day" is one of those films that just gets better and deeper every time I see it. At first glance, it might appear to be a light comedy. Eventually you'll discover that it's a deeply meaningful story about the human spirit. Seriously. You can keep films like "Dancer In The Dark"...comedy can reach people in ways that drama never can.

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Sopranos - Best value for money in my 250 DVD collection.

"Fight Club" has had a lot more plays for an individual movie in my collection.

But my most played DVDs are generally those the kids love:-


Toy Story set


being the most popular.


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I received a new DVD yesterday that will almost certainly move to the top of my multi-view list. It is called "Blast!".

It is a musical and visual feast. I have loved drum and bugle corp competitions, and this is the best of the corps brought together for a theatrical show. If you have not heard of it, look it up on your favorite online review site. It was amazing to watch.


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There are DVDs that get played multiple times for content and also as demo material. The Toy Story boxed set qualifies for both. Also-

A Bug's Life

Star Wars: Phantom Menace


Peter Frampton: Live In Detroit

Free Enterprise

Once Upon A Time In Chinaa

City Slickers


Fist Of Legend

Hidden Fortress

Mask Of Zorro

Princess Bride


I am sure I am missing a ton...these are just a few that have found their way into my players more than twice recently.
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