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Poll: What HD source are you using for your Front Projector?

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Direct TV



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Adelphia cable.

Bondsan (Bob)
I had Dish, I went to Comcast once I got an HD display. Here is why:

1. Dish doesn't offer local HD channels in my area yet. Would require antenna to get local HD channels.

2. On Demand is very cool.

3. Comcast offers a "Come back from Satellitte" special for one year that offers tremendous savings to previous dish users.

4. Two tuner HD Recorder for $10 a month.

5. With Cable I don't need a receiver in every room. I can get channels 1 to 99 in our guest bedroom and kid's rooms without paying extra.

I also considered DirectTV but the low equipment costs and special Comcast offered made all the difference.
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OTA via a Channel Master 4248 antenna at the moment.

Might jump on to Directv's $10 package here soon.
Same as George - OTA antenna with MyHD in HTPC

HTPC and Toshiba HD-D1 HD-DVD player.

Verizon FIOS TV

Dish w/ OTA locals.

Dish has a 2 room HD DVR and I live in the country so no cable option.

Dish HD content is actually pretty good. I didnt think I would watch them as much as I do. I love the Monster Channel in HD. Great for those late nights when there arent any sports on. :)
How does SD cable look on a 100" screen. Is it watchable?
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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