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Poll: Which type of TV do you use with your 360

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Poll to determine which kind of TV is used the most with the Xbox 360.
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No LCDRP or DLP on the list?

My 360 is connected to a Sony KDF60XBR950 LCD RP

I guess that would be "other"
You might as well replace other with LCOS like the JVC HD-ILA and the Sony SXRD's. I have the 60" XBR1
Yup kinda hard to vote without a rear projection option
Ditto RP LCD here too. is that other?
William, how about adding Rear Projection or DLP to the poll?

I game on a 46" Samsung DLP 720p
I suppose CRT means "direct view"?

So I selected projector; I have a CRT front projector for gaming and movies.
Plasma Here.....wouldn't think about anything else!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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