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poopli newbie question

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hi everyone-

just found out about poopli yesterday and i signed up.

i followed the FAQ from this site and it was very helpful.

i requested two shows and one of them appeared in my "Received Shows" section on my replay. I went in, clicked Accept. and it changed to 0% transferred. it is still at 0% transferred a day later.

is this normal? maybe i'm in a queue? if not how do i fix it?

i appreciate any help, thanks!
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Did you forward any ports on your router to the Replay?
yup.... i picked port 7000 and i have setup a static ip for the replaytv and forwarded ports 6999-7001 TCP and UDP to it...
What do you get when you run The Dreamer's IVS test on your IVS number?
Well, if it showed up in your received category....than your forwarding is fine.

Is it just 0% or is it reporting network errors....which might indicate problems reaching the sender's ReplayTV (either along the way or their port forwarding).

Should we assume you never got a response to your other request (or that you understand that you can only receive one show at a time).

The Dreamer.
Why don't you request a 'test clip' from someone here. It would help narrow down who's end is having the problem.
MaxH that link helped me realize i had misconfigured my port forwarding. now i am able to get through. so thank you very much to everyone for the help, it's now transferring.

on a different note...

i signed up for myreplaytv.com so i can share shows on there but for two days when i try to log in it says "Sorry, mrterrysilver, we have not completed your activation yet. Please come back tomorrow to begin using MyReplayTV." anyway i can speed this up? how long does this take?

thanks again!
Originally posted by balzack
on a different note...

i signed up for myreplaytv.com so i can share shows...[Snip]
Don't bother with myreplaytv. Use the Poopli updater.
Originally posted by Conspiracy
Don't bother with myreplaytv. Use the Poopli updater.
I second that. Plus with the new features Archie is talking about working into it, you're going to want to do it in the future anyway.

Once the updater reaches across multiple platforms, I think he has plans to phase it out anyway. The updater is much more reliable and processes more information (quality, etc).

-- Craig
sorry how do i us the poopli updater? i dont see it anywhere in my account on poopli... plus will it work if myreplaytv isn't active yet?
Download it. Run the installer. Refer to this thread to set it up.

Look at the .jpg for where you can download it.
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The updater completely bypasses myreplaytv and queries your units directly.
Don't forget to install Microsoft's .Net Framework 1.1. It didn't used to get well documented unless you read it in the forums. And make sure your RTV Serial number is correct in your Poopli Account details.

Both seem to be common mistakes people tend to make.

Additionally, make sure you unselect the box to share for your unit. It might seem confusing, but this is the field that tells it to pull the data from myreplaytv.com. Since you will be using the Poopli Updater, this field must be unchecked. Checking it will result in duplicate entries in your show list if you have myreplaytv.com working.

-- Craig
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