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Poor Mans Scaler/Processor

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Anyone had any experience with the new ViewSonic NextVision N6? I just picked one up, and it seems to do a pretty good job scaling for my older projector. It has HD component inputs, as well as standard NTSC cable/composite and s-video. For $400, seems like a good alternative to other options.

NextVision N6
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Will it shrink/zoom a 4:3 image?

Thank you.
Yes, it will zoom up to 2x on any image. It also supports 16:9 modes and has many different output resolutions from 640x480 to 1280x1024. I bought it because it would work with my older Sony Projector that can only do 800x600, but with this, I can put any HD source input and scale it to 800x600.

The manual is available for download on Viewsonic's site.

I'm trying to fit a larger projected image onto a smaller screen without moving the pj.

My pj is XGA (1024X728), so if I set the N6 to output 640x480 would the projected image be smaller than the regular pj's 1024X728? That is what I need, i.e., an actual shrunk image.

Thanks for you advice.
Nextvision 6 allows 480i and HDTV input and deinterlaces and/or scales to RGB resolution. AVT-3700 only allows 480i (component, Svideo, composite), but deinterlaces and/or scales to RGB or HDTV component output. AVT supports 16:9 squeeze also and are MacroVision friendly. Both are $400 in price and uses Trident chip so performance may be similar. I have AVT-3700 and love mine with my XGA DLP (NEC LT150). I have not seen the Nextvision 6.
I'm under the impression that the N6 will act as a digital TV tuner. I haven't figured out how to tune them in though. The manual only mentions antenna and HDTV in the same paragraph of the features section. Does anyone know what I need to do?

When I tune to a digital channel in my area, I only get snow. The broadcasters may be running at low power, but there are several within 10-15 miles of me.

I need to see Jay Leno in extreme detail.

with the N6, can I input HDTV on component and output that at 800x600 on RGB?

Will the N6 perform the vertical squeeze trick? My cable box only outputs HD as widescreen and my monitor (4x3) does not display it correclty. Everything shows up as tall and skinny.

dkan24, yes it will convert HDTV component to SVGA and yes it will squeeze.

Pauldow, it has analog TV tuner with PIP but does not have HDTV tuner.
Thanks for the reply Huey,

From the Viewsonic web site:

" Simply connect the NextVision N6 to your antenna or cable feed; or connect to your satellite, cable box or HDTV set-top-box and enjoy precision scaled HDTV on your display or projector."

Their PDF sheet says: "TV/video input capability 480i 480p 576p 720p 1080i"

To me, that sounded like I could watch HDTV through my antenna. It sounds like that stupid semi-colon is going to keep digital TV from me. That was 75% of the reason I bought the thing. It's not worth it just for the 4 HDTV channels I get with the C-Band receiver.

It's a real expensive box if it only converts component signals to VGA.

Even when I run the analog TV signal into my 15" monitor, the picture is pretty low quality from all the detail being augmented.

I've got a question submitted to Viewsonic. From your reply, I'm not too optimistic about their response though.


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Unless it says it contains an ATSC tuner, I would assume that it doesn't.

It said you must connect it to a HDTV set-top-box to watch HDTV on your display or projector. Thus, I can reassure you that it does not receive HDTV. It only does NTSC or regular TV.
I guess the only thing left to say is Doh!

At least I got my projector at a good price.

Do you, or anyone else, have a recommendation for a digital OTA tuner? I'll also look around here to see if another message topic covers that.
Circuit City has Zenith 420 for $299 open box (I saw 3 or 4). It does not do satellite and only OTA. It does 480p, 720p and 1080i.
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