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Poor picture on Sony KLV S32 with Dish Network

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I’m new to the US, and just bought a Sony LCD KLV-S32 a 10, and had yesterday installed Dish TV Digital + HD satellite service (using a 942 receiver from Dish Network that includes a HD capable hard drive). The receiver is connected to the TV using HDMI cable.

The result is very disappointing, as picture quality is poor on all the non HD channels. However, when I use the PIP function, or the Guide function, the smaller image I have has a perfect definition. HD channels are nice looking, but not stunning. I was used to Digital cable with a conventional flat screen CRT Sony in Europe, and the picture quality, as far as I can remember, was equivalent to what I’m now getting on HBO HD….

Does any one have any idea of what I could do to improve the picture quality, achieving the same quality for the full picture (on non HD channels) than the one I have for PIP or “Guide†smaller picture? (DVD (using HDMI or component) also provide for an almost perfect picture).

Many thanks, as I tried everything I could possibly imagine would have an impact for most of last night, but unsuccessfully. Help me sleep better tonight!
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Did you make sure that the Dish receiver is outputting 720p to your LCD? I think that might be something you could try. I'm sure some others will have suggestions, but it sounds like something isn't set quite right because the PQ should be better than "ok" :D
Ferchita... the smaller the image, the better it's going to look... that's just the nature of the beast... with a bigger image you're going to see more imperfections... and with standard def there are many. That's one of the pitfalls of getting a nice panel... it's going to show a lousy (ie, compressed to hell) signal in all it's lousy-ness. In other words, garbage in, garbage out.

That said, you can try setting your box to show all standard def stuff at either 480p or 720p... that might help a little.

Good luck... and by the way, I'm assuming your HD stuff looks great... as well as dvds.
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