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When I extract my Replay (showstopper HS-2000) shows to my PC (Athlon XP1600+ , 512MB, 160GB, ATI Radeon 7200)

the program works great, and I'm very grateful to those who made it, however, the quality is markedly lower than if shown on TV. I'm not talkign about zooming to full screen view. Even in native mode,

things seem

(a) darker

(b) colors seems duller

(c) there is a thin green band (I recall reading about that)

what can I do to fix.

thanks you

I know that most of this concerns Replay TV. But the extract_rtv program just takes that mpg files and copying them to the hard drive, so it really is a general question.

Also I recall having the same problem when I captured vids a while ago using my 3dfx 4500 , so this probably is a general computer question, whereas I'm doing something wrong, or have something set up wrong,

I appreciate any help.
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