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Pop Corn Machine-Who needs santa

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I took the plunge and bought the 8oz. 1911 with cart, scoop, buckets etc during the powerbuy. I remember being excited when I put a microwave in the basement....now look..I'm sure at the rate I'm going I will have one of the nicest bankruptcy auctions around. Seriously though I have spruced up the basement lately, bought an air hockey and foozball table as well earlier this month.

I'm sure my 8 year daughter will get a kick out of it.

Thanks for all the great input and information from other forum members.

Kinda of a neat hobby that you can share with others. Maybe now I can ask Santa for the poker table.....if the wife see's the invoice for the pop corn machine I may be sleeping in its box. Oh well always easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
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Oh well always easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
Haha :)
Originally posted by Jeffg8
...if the wife see's the invoice for the pop corn machine I may be sleeping in its box.
The key to this is to frist show her how much you saved. Somehow that helps the justification. I was able to get permission for a SkyBox during the Home Depot sale by showing my wife the "real" value of the machine as compared to what I... uh, WE were about to pay for it.

If this doesn't work, please let me know when the auction begins!

Also, if needed, I can donate the empty SkyBox cardboard box. This way, you could double the size of your popcorn box bedroom!


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Jeffg8, congrats on the new popper!

You will love it. I've had mine for about a year and a half and have never regretted it. And when friends come over for movies, they LOVE having theater popcorn.

I/most of us recommend "MegaPop" popcorn, but then you may already be using it.

I too have used the "always easier to ask forgiveness than permission" strategy on just about everything since I started my HT and luckily I am still married. But I think I will soon have to use that one sparingly.

Just wanted to say congrats and enjoy.
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Easisest way iv'e found is to be up front..I'm lucky though that my wife supports our hobby as much as me.


Congrats, nothing like having a popcorn machine in your home..Really has a certain wow factor!!

Originally posted by brickie

Easisest way iv'e found is to be up front..

Easiest way I have found is the don't ask don't tell policy. Actually i'm joking. She has been more than understanding about the whole room.

I am lucky that she has zero interest in the equipment...ie no idea what it costs. Funny she is an accountant but does not do our household finances. I went from a Maratnz av preamp to a Lexicon Mc-8 with nary a word. Fortunately my daughter enjoys watching movies on "the big screen". We usually make it a family movie when new kids DVD's come out so I feel we get a great return on the room and equipment.
My wife doesn't bat an eye on how much I've been spending lately getting the room put together and buying equipment.

Of course, I've also spent $2500 on a new washer and dryer for her and next week I'm spending another $2000 on a kids playset for the backyard. She knows that while I'm spending money on our theater, she's free to ask for gifts knowing I can't really say no.

I agree with you on that..That's actually how my wife tends to get me.

Whooo-hoo she gets a washer and dryer! Doesn't sound quite as exciting as what you got.
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