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MKV3D Support

Start to enjoy 3D movies on your Popcorn Hour A-210 today, with the industry first true MKV3D support in a media player! This support is built into the firmware so you do not need to reach for the TV remote and manual switch to 3D mode. In fact we busted the myth that to enjoy 3D movies you need HDMI 1.4 equipment, while our players are HDMI 1.3a, so no need to upgrade your Audio Video Receiver (AVR) afterall.

*firmware upgrade necessary and 3D enable TV needed

All new aluminum box

Enjoy fanless silent operation, while keeping your player cool and reliable. All thanks to our new aluminum chasis design, which is effective at dissipating heat from the CPU.

Video Quality

With better than blu-ray quality video playback and support for more than 100Mbps bitrate support, and 24P frame rate. Start to amaze your friends and family today, and unleash your TV.

BluRay ISO Support

Enjoy your blu-ray backup ISO files with no loss of movie quality and interactive menu support. You will never notice that you are actually watching a ISO file.

Multiple codec and file container support

One of the major benefit of a media player compared to HTPC is you never have to keep track of software or codec updates. Right now, the Popcorn Hour A-210 supports virtually every known file codec or container in the market. We are not resting on our laurels, our software engineers work tirelessly to keep the A-210 up to date.

Language and Subtitle Support

As we are a global company, we recognize the need for localization. The Popcorn Hour A-210 supports more than 20 language and subtitle support. This further enhance your experience with the A-210.

NMT Apps

Turn your Popcorn Hour A-210 to a SMB, NFS or UPNP Server with the NMT Apps. Share your harddrive content in the A-210 to other compatible devices. It work like a NAS and no complicated setup needed. Just hook up a HDD and install the NMT Apps.
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