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Popping/clicking sound when using HTPC on Aquos

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I built a nice HTPC this past week and have noticed a really annoying issue with audio when connected directly to the TV (Sharp Aquos LC-32DA4U) via HDMI. I've got an ATI HD3850 card which has the 'special' DVI to HDMI adapter that allows audio via HDMI connected to the TV. Now the issue I experience is basically anytime a sound plays, such as the Windows login sound, at the end of the sound I get a pop and basically it cuts the sound at that point. If the sound is continuous, such as in a game, I have no issues. I get this popping sound generally when turning on one of the HDMI devices (ie: the PS3, or the HDPVR), but not very often. Anyone have any ideas what this could be? Is the TV having trouble interpreting the audio properly? I don't have this issue when sending audio to my receiver from the HTPC via coax (onboard Realtek ADI 1988 HD audio codec). This issue was exhibited both under Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit and Windows XP Professional. All drivers/OS patches have been applied to the latest availability.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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