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Cool. Just saw the popup section that shows similar posts. What a nice feature. I've been gone for a while.

Oh. Well here goes. If I'm in the wrong forum please just let me know where to go. No where did I find audio only recording.


PreScript- I get the B&H catalog. If you want to reference something in there that might

be useful for readers who get it or go to their site.

Begin post

Dictaphone - Portable voice recorder - small size need advice for best choice

I had a Dictaphone small handheld model. Without meaning to deceive I took it

to a meeting and had it face down on the table, it's red light on, and recording

a conversation with an attorney. I also had a note pinned to my pocket saying

"All conversations are recorded"

Whether he / she was dumb or in denial about 3 months later they attempted

a kind of overthrow of our relationship , trying to charge be 10x what we

agreed upon, and I threatened them with going to court.

Without hesitation they backed off fast and we finished our transaction without

any more problems.

I've had 10 lawyer relationships and never have I seen that kind of response.

So now that this magic device is gone, it was stolen, I want another. But frankly

I don't intend to deceive anyone about recording conversations. The thing

I liked about the Dictaphone was that , this model, looked like a cell phone and

the voice quality was impeccable. It used a CF card which is not my favorite

and I'm willing to move away from that style.

My main key things are

1. Reliability with safe operation - I don't want to lose a conversation because the

unit glitches, runs out of battery power easily, or if it does scrambles what recording

it did have in it. It should be easy to put into record mode and not be able to

be 'goofed up' even by the high tech professional that I think myself to be.

2. Sound file type. MP3. What's the story? Are we still paying

for the Fraunhofer patent? I'm not even sure mp3 is the best choice. I think

it is. But what's your opion? I want the most robust type file type so that if

my memory gets corrupted and I have only pieces to pick up I might still

be able to gater some audio from it. I think mp3 fits that bill. If not please give me a quick education.

2. External microphone - this would be useful. If the unit needs to be in a pocket

then it makes no sense that the microphone should be listening to the beat of my


3. Size - 2" x 3" x 1/2" is GOOD. That fits my hand well and makes it easy to

remove from a pocket. I'm not into espionage. See next paragraphs.

Any smaller and it might be hard to use the buttons.

Also I don't like 'hard to read' LCD screens. It's rare to find a good

LCD screen and has only enough info to make it non-confusing.

Idiot lights are fine. A few slider switches for quality and other features.

Red for record and buttons for OFF, ON, Play, FF, RWD, etc were fine for

100 years prior to 2000 when everything was put on an LCD screen. I grew up using

sound recording equipment. I know what I'm talking about.

4. Lithium battery and AC power input. I make my own battery packs. I suppose the AC

input is not important. If it's got a good lithium battery that should be OK.

Recharging via the USB port would be helpful.

That's about 2x more than I expected to write. I want basic with good quality and good reliability. Mono is OK.

I'll check back and reup some replies to yourposts in a few days
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