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Portable raw ReplayTV mpeg player?

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Are there any Windows CE or Palm style devices that can play raw Replay Mpeg's off of a 512 MB+ compact flash chip?
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That is in the works, but 512+ Megs will be expensive. Since you don't give much information I would try....

Going to Walmart and get their 7" portable LCD DVD player for $220+tax.

For about $600 you might be able to get a video player equivlent (ARCHOS?), but I think it takes MPEG-4. http://www.archos.com

You could also look for Coby TFDVD-7700 7" Side-Loading Portable DVD Player.

Is there a particular reason why you are set on a pocket PC/palm system?

Flash memory will run you about $150 for one 512 Meg flash card.

Plus you might have to get the super fast time to handle a peak VBR of 9 Mbits.

Most flash devices are much slower than than. On the order of 2 Mbits.

Can you be alot more specific?

A portable DVD player would be slightly cheaper even with the cost of a DVD burner and media costs.

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Originally posted by AndrewF
Are there any Windows CE or Palm style devices that can play raw Replay Mpeg's off of a 512 MB+ compact flash chip?
No, I don't think the pocketPC could deal with that.

You can, however, move a flood of shows off your replay and batch convert them. A half hour show can be crunched down to 50-70ish megs.

I've used Dr. Divx to make batch conversions. It's a slight pain in the butt because you have to load up each file you want converted. Be sure to get familiar with Dr. Divx Profile Editor. It's a seperate program in the same folder that lets you make a preset configuration to convert rtv shows to pocketpc(or any other settings you desire). You can load a raw replayTV file directly into Dr. Divx without using rtvtools.

I got a ipaq 1935 for $150 after coupon code and rebate and then went out and got a 512 meg chip for $145 after $10 coupon code. Works great.

It's a great excuse clear up some space on your replayTV too because at 60 megs per a half hour show, the file size doesn't impose on the capacity of a desktop hard drive.

Media encoder is also an option. I have not messed with their script method of doing batches. I'm not in a hurry to study it. Eventually I might find out it's a better option, but for now Dr. Divx looks the best from the standpoint of my experience.

Edit: oh. btw, when I got my pocketpc and started playing with putting replayTV shows on it I logged my experiences because I knew people would be comming around.

It's a starting point..

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I frequently watch my ReplayTV shows on my Archos AV-320.

It's not a cheap device, however (~ $600) . And, as RalphWonderLama points out, the shows have to be transcoded to MPEG-4.

But it works for me...
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