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I am between the soundlink mini, ue boom, Klipsch - Music Center KMC 1 , UE Megaboom, Bose soundlink portable bluetooth III, Klipsch - KMC 3 Wireless

From what I saw Braven's havent had great reviews.

My friend had the jawbone and it did not perform to the standards that we thought it should have.

I am against Altec Lansing since they are the last one I bought and it crapped out on me. Their customer service is non existent.

Any input, experiences, opinions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Klipsch - KMC 3 Wireless Music


UE - MEGABOOM Wireless Speaker


Bose® - SoundLink® Portable Bluetooth Speaker III
How portable? Does it need to be battery powered?

If not I just picked up a PeachTree Audio DeepBlue 2. And it's fantastic for a BT speaker. Definitely portable but not battery powered.

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I recently bought 2 UE Megaboom speakers and I guess I'm happy with them. I was hoping for a bit more volume but I'm probably spoiled by my Polk Audio LSiM home speakers. I chose the Megabooms for a few reasons above just sound quality (although they do sound pretty good for their size).

1- 20 hour battery life (longer than anything else I've seen)
2 - fast recharge (2.5 hours)
3- 100 foot Bluetooth range (longer than anything else I have seen)
4 - waterproof ( submersible up to a meter for 30 min.) I will use them camping and can leave them out in the rain.
5 - battery can be replaced by UE for $49.00 in the future if need be.
6 - 2 year warranty
7 - Can be doubled up for stereo or just double the sound.
8 - 360 degree sound (good for parties and camping).
9 - rugged as hell (could be used as a weapon).
10 - remote turn on and off and update-able via blue-tooth (blue-tooth 4).
11 - 2 devices (think 2 people) can be connected at the same time. Take turns playing music if you like.
12 - The android app has an alarm

And back to sound quality I don't think you will find anything that's much better in a portable Bluetooth speaker, at least not in this price range.

I don't know if any of these things are important to you, but all together it was enough to persuade me to cough up a bit more dough than I was planning. I will now probably sell my 2 Harmon Kardon Go + Play II radio/ipod docks and just use these.
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