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FS: KRP-500M W/Stand - 3k Hours - Portland, OR - *Reduced Price*

This is a rather low hour specimen and as such the picture and finish is rather astounding. Aside from one low emission red sub-pixel that cannot be discerned unless one is 1ft away, the phosphers are immaculate. The ISF modes have been unlocked and calibrated using a Minolta spectroradiometer, which ensures a very accurate gamut and gray-scale.

Comes with an aluminum stand, remote, and original manual. Price is now $800 & I can include a rather unused I1 Display Pro, along with matched Minolta offsets, for an additional 155.

I'm rather easy to contact via email if you're interested. Selling not for a lack of love, but rather to pay for college. Thanks for looking! : )

[email protected]

*Edit* I've added a picture showing the screen displaying black. This picture was taken in a room with almost no ambient light, with the highest exposure and ISO my phone's camera can muster.


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