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Last week, I brought home a 46" Samsung A630. This past Sunday (during 24!), I noticed there was a portion of the screen that didn't seem to handle colors well. It was a vertical strip about 2 to 3 inches wide, beginning at the left side of the frame. It was gradient, and blended back into the screen so that the farther away from the frame you looked, it was better. Two to 3 inches in, the screen looked perfect.

Some more info: It wasn't with all colors, it seemed. It grayed out flesh tones. If the screen was all black, it was noticeable. But it seemed fine with blues and reds. I thought it might be a problem with the back light. When I rolled back the back light and brightness, it seemed to get less pronounced. Also, I've read magnets don't affect an LCD screen, but I do have a guitar amp about 6 feet away and on the other side of a wall.

Now, you may notice I'm talking in past tense. That's because we were watching Transformers last night, and when the credits rolled, the TV looked perfect. I played Halo 3 all nightperfect. This morning, the news looked perfect.

Crazy. I know.

I noticed it during Transformers because it has some dark scenes. That's when it was most visible. I played around with the settings a bit during the movie, and my best observation is it got better as I rolled back the AMP. Then I turned the AMP off completely, and it looked great by the time the credits rolled. However, for shiggles, I turned the AMP on while playing Xbox 360, and it looked fine.

So my bottom line question is, do LCDs take time to break in or something? How can you explain this "kink" working itself out? Do you think AMP is the cause? Should I take it back for an exchange, as I am still within the 30 day return policy at the store where I purchased?

Thanks for any light you can shed on the situation.
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