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I have a Definitive Technology IWSub Reference In-Wall Subwoofer powered by a SubAmp 600.

Recently in the middle of a show the Subwoofer started a loud continuous hum. The system was working up until that point fine and I have not added any new pieces recently.

If I disconnect the SubAmp from my receiver the Hum continues.

If I change where the SubAMp is plugged into the Hum continues.

This leads me to believe that my subamp has failed.

I have not checked the speaker wire connection at the subwoofer. I have checked the connections at the subamp. Should I remove the subwoofer from the wall to check the connection there?

Does anyone ahve any suggestions for me to try before I remove the amp from my rack and bring it in for service?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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