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So I've been toying with this for a while, and I did some research, followed steps etc.

This applies to Windows 7(x64, not sure if that matters)

My specific problems were:

1) If I turn off the WD box, I had to reboot my computer or renew my ip for the box to see my win 7 shares

2) after about 20minutes, the video would stop and lose the shares

3) I could no longer see my shares and had to reboot again

After some research, I came to the conclusion that the home group is messing with the share, EVEN when I leave the home group. So I tried disabling the home group services.... and everything works no :| 10 seconds after I turn the box on, I see the shares, it logs on, I watched 2 hours of TV since with no disconnects.


1: get to your services

- Control panel -> administrative tools -> services

2: Find the 2 home group services, there are 2, home group, and home group listener.

3: disable both, and stop both, make sure start-up type is set to disabled.

4: Enjoy !

I'm not sure if people are still having this problem, but since I could not fiind an answer I'll assume it's still giving issues to some users, if not all.

I ran this without any streaming software, just windows 7 network share, no TVersity or anything else installed.

If you can try this and post your feedback that would be great!


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I've tried about every tweak & reg fix thats been suggested on various sites. But nothing helped until i tied this one. Disabled the homegroups and voila. It might be that this only works together with all the other fixes, but this most def did the trick for me.
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